Frequently Asked Questions

Your leader will be first aid trained and will provide aid and assistance. In the event any participant feels they are unable to complete the walk the leader will assess the situation to ensure the safety of individuals and the group.

If you suffer from allergies, or have diabetes, asthma, or any other health issue, please advise at the time of booking, and together we can discuss and agree a plan.

Please come with a full water bottle (2ltrs) to start with as, depending on which walk you are on, we may not be able to replenish water.

Some of our walks are particularly long, so can they walk that far?

Yes, your dog will be welcome and often a source of comfort for the walkers, however they will need to be kept on a lead when crossing farmland and under control when other dogs are around. Be respectful if other walkers do not seem comfortable around dogs.

We provide a certified mountain leader to assist and guide your walk, fully insured and first aid trained. But more than all of that, we will provide you with support and confidence to succeed, and a dash of good humour to make sure you enjoy your day.