Nutrition, Health & Fitness


Water is the best (we recognise some of you will want to use energy drinks but do also have lots of pure water too).

It is essential that you stay hydrated … no excuses.  Dehydration impedes brain function and inhibits physical ability, in addition people become irritable and irrational which leads to poor choices and uncooperative behaviour.  Not to mention the many life threatening and health issues it can cause.

So just to be clear you need plenty of water!


It is reasonable to estimate you will use approximately 6000 calories on this walk.  To replenish the energy that you use we recommend some food intake every 2 hours and should consist of a mixture of carbohydrates and protein. (Tip: Have a good breakfast before you start!)

Make sure you have good quality food that you enjoy and can eat easily.


  • Nuts
  • Fruit
  • Brown Bread
  • Turkey/Ham/Chicken/Beef/Eggs

Dietary/Allergies/Health Requirements

If you are diabetic or suffer from any condition that requires special consideration, such as allergies, please take this into account.  Also please make the Leader aware for your safety.

Fitness & Training

The walks on this website aren’t easy, not just the distance but the elevation and effort required is substantial depending on your current fitness level.

These challenges can also be a route to improve your own personal health and fitness.

Whether you are new to mountain walking and endurance challenges or have experience in both, you should understand that a good level of fitness is required to reduce the potential for injuries.

Whatever your motivation training should be done to minimize the possibility of injury and increase your enjoyment of these stunning surroundings.

If you are a beginner, it is well worth making the effort to increase your fitness levels and spend time in your boots doing several long walks over varied terrain, building up your endurance incrementally by increasing distance, time, frequency and difficulty, this will increase your chance of successfully completing these walks.

Training Days

We would be delighted to assist you guiding any practice walks that you would be of interest.  Preparing yourself is the best formula for success, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Remember it is not just fitness as you will need to be used to your equipment and well ‘shod’.  A simple blister can cause you to cut short your challenge, so take extra care to ensure your feet are up to the challenge too!

For more information on training days and wild camp experiences please click here.