Mountain Fuel

Walks Lake District are proud to be working with Mountain Fuel to bring you their wide range of energy and nutrition products.

Night Fuel

Similar to hot chocolate, have it the evening before the walk as this fuel’s and nourishes your muscles while in your most restorative state, the combination of ingredients also aid sleep.

Morning Fuel

Morning Fuel which is gluten free ground oats, protein and flax seed which is easy to mix with either hot or cold milk or water. Light on the stomach and slow release it’s the perfect breakfast meal before hitting the hills. You can also have it with banana or added seeds or a small portion of oats if required. Having a light, healthy energy packed breakfast is far more beneficial than a fry up for example which can take hours to metabolise in your stomach.

Energy Fuel

With a mix of carbohydrate for energy, electrolytes to replenish minerals and vitamins to produce energy and aid your immune system you can sip an energy fuel over several hours to ensure you are energised and hydrated. We’d also suggest sipping an energy fuel pre-walk.

Sport Jelly / Chia Gel

These deliver a faster acting and convenient energy source that also contains electrolytes. The sport jelly is refreshing and tasty and helps you top up your energy levels quickly. The Chia gels are more like a smooth cake mix and has more of a food feel than the jelly, which is more like a smooth, liquid jelly.

Recovery Fuel

This is a delicious protein, carbohydrate and vitamin blend to ensure that your muscles replenish and repair after your walk and you’re ready to go again the next day.


These are available in three flavours, Double Ginger, Date or Turmeric & Orange and provide a healthy energy packed flapjack style bar that also contains natural protein from the flax seed, gluten free oats and coconut oil for healthy fats that help power you for hours. This is also another great addition or alternative to breakfast.

I’d suggest the following on the walk:

  • Energy Fuel every 2-4 hours depending on the heat and speed of walking
  • A FeelGoodBar every 2 hours, nibbling as you go, say a quarter every half an hour
  • A Sport Jelly or Chia Gel every 2 hours and may consider using the caffeinated ones in the latter stages.

If you are going to be on your feet for 8 hours plus you may also consider having a Recovery Fuel with around 200ml of water after 6 hours as this will help repair and replenish your muscles on the go aiding recovery and offsetting DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness) for the following day.

8 - 10 hours

Night Fuel, Morning Fuel, 3 Energy Fuel, 2 FeelGoodBars, 4 Sport Jelly/Ultra Chia Gel & 1 Recovery Fuel

10 - 12 hours

Night Fuel, Morning Fuel, 4 Energy Fuel, 3 FeelGoodBars, 5 Sport Jelly/Ultra Chia Gel & 2 Recovery Fuel

12 - 14 hours

Night Fuel, Morning Fuel, 6 Energy Fuel, 4 FeelGoodBars, 6 Sport Jelly/Ultra Chia Gel & 2 Recovery Fuel

For information videos go to Mountain Fuel Sports Nutrition video review – Mountain Fuel

Place your order using the form below. I will then either forward them on to you or bring them to the event.


  • Feelgoodbar  |  £2:30
    Vegetarian/Gluten Free/Vegan
  • Jellies |  £1:60
    Vegetarian/Gluten Free/Vegan
  • Energy Drinks |  £1:85
    Vegetarian/Gluten Free
  • Recovery Drinks | £1:90
    Vegetarian/Gluten Free
  • Night Fuel | £1:80
    Vegetarian/Gluten Free
  • Morning Fuel | £1:90
    Vegetarian/Gluten Free