Kit List


Personal choice plays a huge factor in selecting equipment, individuals will choose equipment based on style, trend, availability, brand and recommendations. My advice when choosing equipment for your outdoor walks comes down to two things, comfort and practicability. These two criteria are based on answering yourself some basic questions about the equipment, does it rub or chafe? Is it heavy or light? Does the clothing or equipment hinder movement, too tight or too loose? Is the equipment functioning as required? Are my waterproofs waterproof? Is my footwear strong enough? Is my rucksack the right size?

Below is a list we recommend you carry in your own rucksack for your own use, consumption and protection. Additional safety equipment such as emergency shelters, extensive first aid kit, and maps will be carried by the Mountain Leader.

To carry in your backpack:

Essential (to be carried)

  • Rucksack (20-30ltrs)
  • Water (2 litres)
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Waterproof Trousers
  • Snacks/Food (see nutrition information)
  • Hat (sun hat or warm beanie)
  • Fleece or Similar (additional layers)
  • Personal small first aid kit (plaster/compeed, inhaler, paracetamol, sun cream)

Equipment to be worn

  • Suitable footwear (ankle support, no trainers or trail shoes). Slips, trips and falls are the biggest problem, lower limb (ankle) injuries are common, it is for this reason we recommend ankle support walking boots, they also protect against bruising from rocks and stones.
  • Walking Socks
  • Sports Top (breathable material) Lightweight
  • Walking Trousers

Additional (nice to have)

  • Walking Poles
  • Mobile Phone
  • Camera
  • Spare walking socks
  • Gloves

Optional (your choice)

  • Maps
  • Compass
  • GPS Device
  • Head Torch